Call for nominations: 2022 UNESCO-Russia Mendeleev International Prize in the Basic Sciences (Deadline: by 15th March 2022 at the latest)

This shall be awarded annually to two individual prize-winners for achievements that are conducive to socio-economic transformation and development on a global or regional scale, based on:

  1. Excellence in research in the basic sciences fields;
  2. Basic sciences education and popularization;
  3. International or regional cooperation in the basic sciences.

    1. The Prize consists of a monetary reward of US $250, 000, a gold medal, and a Diploma for each of the two winners. The Director-General, UNESCO emphasized the importance of the Prize attributes to women in science. Nominations of women scientists are therefore encouraged.

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International Prize «We are together»

Embassy of Sri Lanka in the Russian Federation together with the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs, Russia has invited us to participate in a new Russian award "We are together".

It is given to Russian and foreign individuals and organizations for contribution to solving important humanitarian problems.

For more information please refer the following website and applications can be made through the same website before 05 February 2021.

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