International Relations Office


Research Grant Awards

. International Relations Office (formerly known as International Research centre) has awarded 18 research grants to the outstanding academic staff members of the University of Peradeniya to conduct their researches since the year 2013 and now all grantees have completed their research successfully. It is an outcome of a grant awarded by University Grant Commission in 2011 with the aim of internationally upgrading the University of Peradeniya.
Research Grants Completion Awards - “Research Highlights” Booklet

InRC/RG/13/01 Dr. P.C.G. Bandaranayake
Evaluating genetic resources of an endemic wild rice species, Oryza rhizomatics Vaughan, for defeating water scarcity in rice cultivation

InRC/RG/13/02 Dr. R.P. Illeperuma
EElucidating oxidative DNA damage and DNA double strand breaks in carcinogenic transformation of oral premalignant lesions caused by areca nut consumption

InRC/RG/13/03 Ms. S.T. Sudeshika
Determination of Sun Protection Factor (SPF) in commercially available sunscreens in Sri Lanka

InRC/RG/13/04 Prof. D.B.M. Wickramaratne
Investigation of anti-diabetic and anti-oxidant activities of the plants Adenanthera pavonona, Argyreia populifilia and Benincasa hispida

InRC/RG/13/06 Dr. M.M.P. Perera
The hydro-ecological impact of agro-well development in tank cascades of the North Central dry zone of Sri Lanka

InRC/RG/13/07 Dr. (Mrs.) L. Seneheweera
A musicological analysis of Sri Lankan Nurthi music

InRC/RG/13/09 Ms. S.M.W.T.P.K. Ariyarathna
Environmental profile of power generation from rice husk in Sri Lanka

InRC/RG/13/10 Dr. (Mrs). S.R. Herath
Use of homogenization technique to model constitutive laws for new materials

InRC/RG/13/11 Dr. (Mrs.) H.K. Nandalal
Integrating remote sensing/geospatial technologies into water resource management and transportation engineering

InRC/RG/13/12 Prof. W.D.M.T.L. Dassanayake
Normative data for Cambridge Neuropsychological Automated Battery (CANTAB) for Sri Lankan adults

InRC/RG/13/15 Prof. N.S. Kalupahana
Identification of mechanisms responsible for insulin resistance in Sri Lankan adults

InRC/RG/13/19 Prof. V.S. Weerasinghe
Assessment of the effect of theanine and caffeine on cognitive processing studied using reaction time, evoked potentials and event related potentials

InRC/RG/13/20 Dr. (Ms). S.C.K Rubasinghe
Taxonomy, biogeography and evolutionary relationships of thalloid liverworts and hornworts of Sri Lanka

InRC/RG/13/21 Dr. P.C.G. Bandaranayake
DNA barcoding of Sri Lankan Anopheles, Aedes and Culex mosquitoes, and determination of age structure of selected Aedes albopictus populations in relation to disease transmission and insecticide resistance

InRC/RG/13/22 Dr. E. Rajapaksha
Introduction of Pet Facilitated Therapy (PFT) to correctional institutions in Sri Lanka

InRC/RG/13/23 Dr. (Mrs). S. Wickramasinghe
Genotyping of bovine milk protein genes using the tetraprimer ARMS-PCR technique

InRC/RG/13/24 Prof. J.B. Ekanayake
The investigation of the use of smart transformer for a dynamic Volt-Var Control (VVC)

InRC/RG/14/01 Prof. A. Senaratne
Investigation of graphene production from Sri Lanka vein graphite and applications of graphene