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INNOTAL Train the Trainer Online Webinar and Workshop
| 25-29 January 2021

International Relations Office together with Prof. Nimal Dharmasena, Project Manager of INNOTAL Project, Dr. S. Maheswaran, Faculty of Management and representatives from BLII-TTO and CGU, University of Peradeniya participated for the INNOTAL Train the Trainer Online Webinar and Workshop held during the last week of January, 2021 from 25th - 29th hosted by the University of National and World Economy, Bulgaria and Ulster University, UK.

The INNOTAL project aims to build the capacity of universities in the Philippines, Nepal & Sri Lanka. Under the INNOTAL project the partner universities in Philippines, Nepal, Sri Lanka and India have launched Talent Co-Creation Labs and the objective of this training was to familiarize Talent Co-Creation Lab staff and collaborators with the ways to use the INNOTAL learning materials in Lab trainings and to share and discuss effective approaches to improve the higher education and enhancing the employability of students.

Many important discussions including entrepreneurship in the context of regional development and growth, supporting entrepreneurial teams, strategies for developing university innovation ecosystems and team consultation on running the Talent Co-Creation Labs were carried out at this program. Around 50 participants from the partner universities of this project joined in this online workshop.